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Frito-Lay Skylanders Fire Bone Hot Dog Instant-Win Game

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Holy Smokes Addicts! There is a new Frito Lay contest coming our way and it is going to give us a chance to find the elusive Firebone Hot Dog. This time around we have to use an app to scan the in store displays and “Make the Skylanders Come to Life!” We will be able to enter every 15 mins to get a chance to win one of the “Treasure Hunt” Fire Bone Hot Dog figures and dig this they will be different than the one we have seen in store.

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The bone in his mouth will be either be red, green, or purple in color. Unfortunately we don’t get to choose what color we receive.Will this give us a chance to trade for the color(s) we want or will we just all get the same color and not know what color it will be until we get it? Guess we will have to wait and see.

As an extra bonus we will also have a chance to be entered into a contest giving us a chance to have a Game Truck come to our house. How cool is that? The “Treasure Hunt” contest starts July 7th 12:00 am CST and ends September 5th 11:59 pm CST. The Game Truck contest begins June 30th 12:00 am CST and ends August 15th 11:59 pm CST.

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Looks like Frito is making up for the lat contest not that it was that bad, but I can’t imagine it went as well as the previous contest promotions. I’m excited about these contests as I am sure most of you are. Having a variant colored Hot Dog would be sweet! He is my favorite fire character from GIants so this is like mana falling from heaven to me.

This Contest is only open to US residents and Alaska and Hawaii Sorry over seas Portal Masters. :(

Good Luck to everyone entering looks like we will be eating tons of chips or there will be a lot of homeless people receiving a Frito blessing. :)

Well that’s it for now until next time “Catch You On The SKYSIDE!”

Frito-Lay Skylanders Fire Bone Hot Dog Instant-Win Game.

via Frito-Lay Skylanders Fire Bone Hot Dog Instant-Win Game.

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Skylanders Contest Voting

Hey Addicts!

Here is the link to the site where we will be able to vote for our favorite Skylander in the Name The Next Skylander Contest being held by Frito Lay. Can’t wait we just have 1 day and 17 hours left until we can vote away. Check back at 12:00 pm CT on 5/19/14 so you can be one of the first to cast your vote. Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!

Skylanders Contest Voting.

via Skylanders Contest Voting.

Frito Lay Contest Begins Today With New Skylanders

I’m up early not just cause I had to cook breakfast for the kids, but because the Frito Lay Name The Next Skylander Hero contest starts today. Unfortunately the website is still down with no minutes left on the counter. We did however find some images of 3 new Skylanders that seem to be developed for the new Skylandes game. Below in the gallery you will see the pictures of a Dolphin character with an Air and Water Symbol, a new Undead female character surrounded by bats, and the coolest of them all in my opinion is the Life element Hybrid Dragon Fly that looks like a cross between Characters Drobot,Camo and Swarm. I can’t wait until this contest starts I have so many names already in my head since seeing them. I think they look better than ever bringing you back to what the characters looked like in the first installment of the game. What are your thoughts on the new characters? Are you excited for this new contest? Special thanks go out to Dark Spyro reader DPShiro for sharing the images. Well Daddy duty calls so as always I’ll catch you all SKYSIDE!


New Swap Force Frito Lays Promotions

Hey Addicts!

So if you have been following the Frito train you have probably seen that there have been 2 promotions thus far. The Sidekicks promo being the first and the second Pumpkin Fright Rider which some of you Portal Masters are still looking for. Now Frito has announced that they are more promotion bags to be on the look out for. The newest one being a Glow In The Dark Rattle Shake or what some believe to be the variant that popped up on the Skylanders Page “Quick Draw Rattle Shake”. The other bag is just a promotion bag full of coupons that give you $10 off of a starter pack, and a $5 dollar Wal-Mart Gift Card when you purchase a Swap-Force Starter Pack.

Coupon Bags

Coupon Bag

Glow-In The Dark Rattle Shake bags

Glow-In The Dark Rattle Shake Bag

I’m not to excited about the coupon bag, but I definitely am on the hunt for the Glow-In the Dark Rattle Shake bags. I have been seeing that they are predominately at Kroger stores as well as there sister companies like Fred Meyers. Hope this helps some of you out as you go out hunting. Let us know if you come across any of the bags and where or if you win one of the Rattle Shake figures. Catch you on the SKYSIDE!  


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